Take screenshots in Nokia Asha 300 (S40)

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Nokia Asha 300 lies in between a feature phone and a smart phone. Unlike in smart phones taking screenshots in Nokia Asha 300 is not straightforward.

Follow these steps to take a screenshot in Nokia Asha 300. These steps will also work for most S40 phones.

NOTE: You need your phone’s data cable in order to get a screen shot.

  • First download the Nokia Screen Dump utility. Select the link appropriate for your phone.
  • a href=”https://app.box.com/s/uq7pumjy9tq2s7ffngaw”>Nokia Asha 300 | a href=”https://app.box.com/s/asnd9vcu59n9svw9m0am”>Other s40 phones
  • Connect your phone to your PC through phone’s data cable.
  • Quit Nokia PC suite in your PC, if it’s open.
  • Select Nokia Ovi Suite in your phone if prompted.
  • Now open the Nokia Screen Dump utility you downloaded.
  • Click on the “Phone Connect” button
  • If everything goes well, you will see your phone’s version (Nokia 300, in my case) displayed in the top left corner below “Visit Home Page” button.
  • Now press “Screen Dump” to capture your phone’s screen
  • Press “Save Result” if you want to save it.

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