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The Authorization Code Redirect URI Manipulation attack in OAuth 2.0

Changing the authorization code redirect URI is one of the ways by which attackers try to game the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework. This article discusses how this attack works in detail and how this attack can be prevented. If you… Continue Reading →

Getting started with User Managed Access (UMA)

User Managed Access is an OAuth-based access management protocol that allows owners of resources to passively authorize access to their resources by third parties. To understand how User Managed Access works, it is paramount that you understand how OAuth 2.0… Continue Reading →

Understanding OpenID Connect (OIDC)

OpenID Connect is an authentication protocol built on top of OAuth 2.0 to facilitate identity provision and Single Sign-On.

What is OAuth 2.0? How does it work?

A primer on OAuth 2.0 for dummies by a dummy.

Managing state in Flutter using Redux

This tutorial explains in detail how Redux can be integrated into your Flutter app to help manage the state of your Flutter app.

DIY Remote Camera using Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera, and Socket.IO

There may be situations where you may have to take pictures remotely and view them. With a Raspberry Pi single board computer, Pi Camera and Socket.IO server, creating a DIY remote camera has never been easier. To create this remote… Continue Reading →

WordPress Gutenberg Editor: Applying a custom format to a text selection

Needless to say, WordPress’ Gutenberg editor has made life easy for a lot of people. You no more need additional plugins, shortcodes, and theme customizations to format your posts to fit your various needs. I switched to Gutenberg to write… Continue Reading →

Creating a LAMP stack using Docker Compose

Docker helps keep your development and production environment constant allowing swift migration of apps from development to production. Since I wanted to migrate my blogs from a traditional web host to the AWS cloud, I found containerizing my web applications… Continue Reading →

Automatically backing up your files on a web server and uploading them to Google Drive using a Python script

Regularly backing up your web server content, or any content for that matter, is essential to avoid data loss in case of a malware attack or accidental deletion. If your website is hosted on a web host that doesn’t provide… Continue Reading →

An ideal SSD + HDD configuration for Windows 10

An SSD comes with a lot of advantages. It’s quick and fast and makes your PC boot faster, which, you may argue, is the dream of any PC owner. But it also has its shortcomings in a way that it… Continue Reading →

Setup Raspbian Stretch on Raspberry Pi 3 without a monitor

Setting up your Raspberry Pi device with Rasbian can be easy if you have the luxury of an HDMI monitor. But what if you don’t have one? Well, here I detail a method by which the OS can be set… Continue Reading →

4 players who were supposedly better than Sir Donald Bradman

Let me begin this article apologizing to all cricket devotees who would consider questioning Bradman’s forte a blasphemy. But I indulge myself in questioning percepts and I am a proud adherent of “Socratic questioning”. Though, the belief world over is… Continue Reading →

Which Associate Team will qualify for the Asia Cup 2016?

Afghanistan are early favourites to make it into the 2016 Asia Cup, but can there be upsets? The Asia Cup tournament for the year 2016 would be held as a series of T20I matches, making it the second biggest International T20… Continue Reading →

5 of the most innovative tactics that were employed as a stopgap solution

Cricket is a quirky sport in a way that it requires more input from the cerebrum in comparison to any other sports. A good cricketer needs to be as strong as a gymnast who excels in rings, as balanced as… Continue Reading →

Satire: Test cricket announces retirement

Bye Bye Test cricket! In a shocking revelation Test cricket, one of the three formats in cricket has announced that it has decided to hang its boots. Test cricket is the oldest format in cricket, having made its debut in… Continue Reading →

Kumar Sangakkara vs Michael Clarke: A statistical comparison

Cricket has been rendered poorer with the departure of two greats on the same day So cricket’s brain drain is almost complete with the retirement of Michael Clarke and Kumar Sangakkara. The last decade’s batch has almost graduated, leaving cricket… Continue Reading →

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