Gilli-Danda: A dying Indian traditional game

India is a home to many cultures, many languages and many religions. India has also been a cradle to many games. Kabaddi, Jalli Kattu, Silambam, Elephant Polo, Gatka, Thoda; the list is as huge as India itself. Being an avid cricket… Continue Reading →

Why gender testing should be abolished

Sexual dimorphism in species propagates a lot of phenotypic differences between sexes that concedes distinct strengths and weaknesses to different sexes. The result of this is more evident in sports than anything else. The physical strength of men allows them… Continue Reading →

From abyss to summit: The story of Asia's only female Olympic medalist in sprinting- Susanthika Jayasinghe

Treated badly by her country When an athlete procures a sanctified medal at a world sporting event, how would her mother country treat her? America will shower with brand new sponsor contracts, financial incentives and much more. Sri Lanka will… Continue Reading →

A paladin rising from the Corpses- a poem for Sanga

Owls growl and wolves howl, Blood smelling bowlers make the batsmen grovel and beg for life. Balls swing in and out and then come crashing into the toes. Bouncers will knell some chin music. A battle without guns and lances but… Continue Reading →

A Poem for Sanga

Suave exterior was something you were born with! Ambushing the oppositions was a walk by the beach for you! Negating the swing and thwarting the spin, hook and pull were lollipops for you!

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