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Why the 5-bowler strategy is the way to go for India in Test cricket

A kingdom that has ambitions of turning itself into an empire has the obligation of pumping oxygen into its offense than splurging the resources to strengthen its defense. Indian cricket, now, is at an important juncture. They have two ways… Continue Reading →

Who is the greatest match winner in ODIs among current batsmen?

There is always this jostle with stats, science and mathematics to extricate the right numerals to arithmetically manipulate and find who in the team had a major say in the victory. Cricket is a team game – a game that… Continue Reading →

Riot in Sri Lankan aisles – Deteriorating culture, heightened nationalism or ugly politics?

For a nation that has been hit by war, riots and violence, armed men invariably elicit only one feeling. 6 years ago, we had an armed man every 10 meters. Cities were garrisoned with sentry points and check points. In short,… Continue Reading →

Code of conduct for cricketers and democracy in Cricket

“We were soft on our batting. It’s always difficult to chase 180+. We lost momentum in the middle, and not to forget Smith got a horrible decision. We need to lift our game…”, uttered the defeated captain of the Chennai Super… Continue Reading →

35 things that only cricket fans can relate to

a href=””> If you are brought up watching cricket, there are certain things in life only you can relate to. The ones who don’t follow the sport or have no idea about it have definitely missed experiencing these following things:… Continue Reading →

Kumar Sangakkara’s retirement – It’s not the end, it’s the consummation

Any heart-warming novel will have its final chapter. Any supremely impassioned movie will have its final minutes. A good rendition of mellifluous music will glide through a crescendo before petering out to a cathartic consummation. Kumar Chokshanada Sangakkara, the prince with the clear… Continue Reading →

CWC 2015: New Zealand vs South Africa 1st semi-final – Why the Kiwis were worthy winners

If you surf the social media, all what you would find are posts of condolences for South Africa’s “unexpected” semi-final exit from the World Cup that they deserved to win. Imageries of Ab de Villiers shedding tears of disappointment and posts that… Continue Reading →

Satire: England to provide asylum to ‘homeless’ South African cricketers

 a href=””> Giles Clarke, the chairman of England and Wales Cricket board has come forward to help the homeless South African team by promising a sanctuary for the 15-man squad which has been denied entry into their homeland after their 4-wicket… Continue Reading →

Why the 2015 edition is the most one-sided World Cup ever

Empiricists and romanticists alike would agree that this year’s World Cup has been apathetic. It is yet to imbue the incredulity of the 1975 edition or the histrionics of the 1983 version. We haven’t seen any fairy tales as in the… Continue Reading →

The enigma called Associates – Drafting the layout of an all-inclusive but interesting World Cup

The format of the 2019 World Cup has become a boxing ring. In the associate corner are expansionists who believe Cricket should travel beyond the current pool of countries and become a truly global sport. In the gold-digging corner are… Continue Reading →

Sangakkara and Jayawardene – The twin towers of Sri Lanka Cricket

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances. As the two paladins of Sri Lanka cricket bow down from their illustrative careers, it is hard holding back your… Continue Reading →

Why the current NRR method is flawed

Net Run Rate (NRR) is a statistical method used in analysing teamwork and/or performance in the sport of cricket. It is the most commonly used method of ranking teams with equal points in limited overs league competitions, analogous to goal difference in association football. (Source: Wikipedia) The… Continue Reading →

Mixed Reality: A technology cricket should exploit

Cricket loves experimenting. Batsmen experiment with different bats and stances. Bowlers experiment with various types of deliveries. The administration experiments with the rules (If there were an app for the rules of cricket then it would top the chart for… Continue Reading →

Most incredible matches in World Cup history: 4 – Kenya vs West Indies, 1996

a href=””> If you think fairytales don’t translate into real life, then you would not have watched the 1996 Cricket World Cup. That tournament, held in the subcontinent, was important for many reasons. It shifted the power of world cricket towards… Continue Reading →

Personality Quiz: Which Sri Lankan captain are you?

Check out this quiz to find which Sri Lankan cricket captain you are.

Bowling isn’t broken. It is the batting that needs fixing! Nothing has gone well for Sri Lanka in the world cup thus far. Their pre-tournament form was wrecked, the world cup song for Sri Lanka was cheesy and Kumar Dharmasena- the Sri Lankan umpire found him in the middle… Continue Reading →

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