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Jest for a Typescript-based React app

I recently had to install and configure Jest in a React app written using Typescript and ran into quite a few roadblocks. So, I thought of detailing the steps I followed to overcome the difficulties. I used Jest as the… Continue Reading →

Fix React Issues in Lerna using Yarn Workspaces

Lerna comes to our rescue when we are to manage multiple inter-dependent packages within a repository. Have a package that is a dependency of another and you don’t want to waste time building the dependency, publishing it to npm, and… Continue Reading →

Managing state in Flutter using Redux

This tutorial explains in detail how Redux can be integrated into your Flutter app to help manage the state of your Flutter app.

DIY Remote Camera using Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera, and Socket.IO

There may be situations where you may have to take pictures remotely and view them. With a Raspberry Pi single board computer, Pi Camera and Socket.IO server, creating a DIY remote camera has never been easier. To create this remote… Continue Reading →

WordPress Gutenberg Editor: Applying a custom format to a text selection

Needless to say, WordPress’ Gutenberg editor has made life easy for a lot of people. You no more need additional plugins, shortcodes, and theme customizations to format your posts to fit your various needs. I switched to Gutenberg to write… Continue Reading →

Creating a LAMP stack using Docker Compose

Docker helps keep your development and production environment constant allowing swift migration of apps from development to production. Since I wanted to migrate my blogs from a traditional web host to the AWS cloud, I found containerizing my web applications… Continue Reading →

Automatically backing up your files on a web server and uploading them to Google Drive using a Python script

Regularly backing up your web server content, or any content for that matter, is essential to avoid data loss in case of a malware attack or accidental deletion. If your website is hosted on a web host that doesn’t provide… Continue Reading →

An ideal SSD + HDD configuration for Windows 10

An SSD comes with a lot of advantages. It’s quick and fast and makes your PC boot faster, which, you may argue, is the dream of any PC owner. But it also has its shortcomings in a way that it… Continue Reading →

Setup Raspbian Stretch on Raspberry Pi 3 without a monitor

Setting up your Raspberry Pi device with Rasbian can be easy if you have the luxury of an HDMI monitor. But what if you don’t have one? Well, here I detail a method by which the OS can be set… Continue Reading →

How to download all photos from a facebook album at once

Well, downloading photos from a facebook from an album is as easy as right clicking and pressing on “save image as”, isn’t it? But what if you have tons of photos to download from a single album? You would not… Continue Reading →

Take screenshots in Nokia Asha 300 (S40)

a href=””> Nokia Asha 300 lies in between a feature phone and a smart phone. Unlike in smart phones taking screenshots in Nokia Asha 300 is not straightforward. Follow these steps to take a screenshot in Nokia Asha 300. These… Continue Reading →

How to display Tamil/Sinhala fonts in Opera Mini browser

Opera Mini by default does not display bitmap fonts which results in Tamil and Sinhala fonts not being displayed. However, a small tweak to the settings of Opera Mini can allow you to see both Tamil and Sinhala fonts. First,… Continue Reading →

How to rename a Youtube Channel/ How to link a Youtube Channel to a different Google Plus Profile/Page

Google introduced a method by which your Youtube Channel would be directly linked to your Google Plus Profile/ Page, further increasing the connection between Google Plus and Youtube. Even though connecting your Youtube Channel to your Google Plus profile has… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Portrait from Text

In this tutorial, I will be showing you, how you can compose a portrait from text in Photoshop. Open the picture that you want to be made of text. a href=”http://localhost/tac/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/11.jpg”> Now go to the Select Menu ->Color Range..  … Continue Reading →

How to turn a portrait into a pencil drawing with Photoshop

Here is an easy method to turn a portrait into a pencil drawing. Open the image you want to turn into a pencil drawing. a href=”http://localhost/tac/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/1.jpg”>   Right Click on the photo layer in the layer panel, and select Duplicate… Continue Reading →

How to log into Windows 8/8.1 without entering password

Windows 8/ 8.1 requires to enter your password before logging in. However this can be annoying in single user, home computers. Here is how you can disable password for windows 8/8.1 Press Win+R a href=”http://localhost/tac/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/run.jpg”>   Type “netplwiz” (without quotes)… Continue Reading →

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