Chandimal deserves better than this

Dinesh Chandimal’s career thus far has resembled a ball thrown up in the air. The ball soars up, cutting through resistance and rising against gravity to reach a remarkable height, and then loses all the momentum gained and plummets down… Continue Reading →

10 cricketers who defied struggles to reach the top

The neo-cricket era looks at cricketers through a different perspective. Cricketers have become celebrities who are seen as glamour kings, who bedeck fashion rags, date models and fix matches. Cricketers are often associated with money and are misconstrued to be… Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka Cricket's Refugee Camp

Dinesh Chandimal was earmarked as the next big thing in Sri Lanka. Lahiru Thirimanne was expected to be the next number three. But both of them have thwarted all the hopes the fans had placed on them. Whether they would… Continue Reading →

The Story of Self-effacing Chandimal

Team sports can be a tough proposition, since anyone can easily be lost between self and team. What do you play for? Who do you play for? For personal milestones or team’s glory? For yourself or your team? Though any… Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka playing to the gallery?

The New Zealand series brought about an incredible opportunity for Sri Lanka to test their younger guns against a test playing team that has been attenuated. Everyone expected to see the youngsters getting a chance and play, but, what awaited… Continue Reading →

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