4 players who were supposedly better than Sir Donald Bradman

Let me begin this article apologizing to all cricket devotees who would consider questioning Bradman’s forte a blasphemy. But I indulge myself in questioning percepts and I am a proud adherent of “Socratic questioning”. Though, the belief world over is… Continue Reading →

Which Associate Team will qualify for the Asia Cup 2016?

Afghanistan are early favourites to make it into the 2016 Asia Cup, but can there be upsets? The Asia Cup tournament for the year 2016 would be held as a series of T20I matches, making it the second biggest International T20… Continue Reading →

5 of the most innovative tactics that were employed as a stopgap solution

Cricket is a quirky sport in a way that it requires more input from the cerebrum in comparison to any other sports. A good cricketer needs to be as strong as a gymnast who excels in rings, as balanced as… Continue Reading →

Satire: Test cricket announces retirement

Bye Bye Test cricket! In a shocking revelation Test cricket, one of the three formats in cricket has announced that it has decided to hang its boots. Test cricket is the oldest format in cricket, having made its debut in… Continue Reading →

Legends T20 League in USA – Can cricket win back the land of America, one of the game’s first proponents?

Can cricket impress America,from where it was banished a century ago? Which were the two teams to play the first International cricket match? Too easy. England and Australia. Let the buzzer bray and the red light glow. You are wrong…. Continue Reading →

Why India should not go overboard with strengthening their spin bowling for the Lanka series

Kohli should play only two spinners So, Rama has arrived with his troops in Lanka for yet another shot at conquering the Ravana ruled Lanka. 22 years, it has been, since his army conquered Sri Lanka in a test series… Continue Reading →

WorldT20 Qualifier: The pretentious Oman and Hong Kong and the hapless Nepal and Papua New Guinea

The 2014 Hong Kong team, street cricket in Papua New Guinea, a cricket stadium in Nepal(clockwise from top) The 2015 ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier played in the month of July in Scotland and Ireland saw Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Afghanistan,… Continue Reading →

Satire: A cricket journalist grills rain, a long time match fixer

An interview with a perennial culprit There are things in life that you believe in; there are things you don’t. Then, there are things that you wished you could believe and there are things you wished you didn’t believe. I… Continue Reading →

Who is the greatest match-winner in Tests among current batsmen?

It is a well-established fact that Test matches cannot be won alone. You need contribution from batsmen, bowlers and fielders alike. Hence, calling a batsman a match-winner in Tests might be a little pretentious. But if you explore the statistics of certain… Continue Reading →

Why the 5-bowler strategy is the way to go for India in Test cricket

A kingdom that has ambitions of turning itself into an empire has the obligation of pumping oxygen into its offense than splurging the resources to strengthen its defense. Indian cricket, now, is at an important juncture. They have two ways… Continue Reading →

Who is the greatest match winner in ODIs among current batsmen?

There is always this jostle with stats, science and mathematics to extricate the right numerals to arithmetically manipulate and find who in the team had a major say in the victory. Cricket is a team game – a game that… Continue Reading →

Code of conduct for cricketers and democracy in Cricket

“We were soft on our batting. It’s always difficult to chase 180+. We lost momentum in the middle, and not to forget Smith got a horrible decision. We need to lift our game…”, uttered the defeated captain of the Chennai Super… Continue Reading →

Personality Quiz: Which Sri Lankan captain are you?

Check out this quiz to find which Sri Lankan cricket captain you are.

Can Sri Lanka taste World Cup success in the face of turmoil?

a href=”http://www.thearmchaircritic.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/734990-21204568-1600-900.jpg”> On the 3rd of March, 2009, when around a dozen of gunmen ambushed the Sri Lankan bus in Lahore and started sending a hail of bullets towards the team bus causing all the players on board to hit… Continue Reading →

World Cup Predictions: Can the real Sri Lanka please step up?

a href=”http://www.thearmchaircritic.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/12499.jpg”> With a superfluity of problems miring Sri Lanka’s World Cup preparations, the Island nation would enter the tournament without the favourites tag. The team has a minefield to clear ahead of them, with the playing XI unable to put… Continue Reading →

5 things Sri Lanka need to try before the World Cup for a change in fortune- The Mahinda Rajapaksha way!

The selectors of Sri Lanka cricket have pulled out all the stops to field a fighting XI for the upcoming world cup down under. The mission-impossible has seen 5 different openers, several lower order sloggers and a plethora of middle order… Continue Reading →

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