Cancel the Disciplinary action against Sangakkara and Jayawardane

We the Sri Lankan Cricket fans know the value of Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardane as not only cricketers but also as idols of Sri Lanka. They have been the stalwarts of Sri Lanka Cricket and have helped Sri Lanka earn world wide recognition and acclaimation.

To hear that Sri Lanka Cricket has colluded to carry out a displinary action on these two players who have hither to lived an exemplary life is both a farce and an act of insult on the repertoire of the players.

Sri Lanka Cricket should realize that the Cricket Fans in Sri lanka take cricket seriously and are not meek to be manipulated by money hungry men. The act of Sri Lanka Cricket is an insult on the intelligence of the cricket fans.

It is  no brainer that Sangakkara and Jayawardane have shouldered many responsibilities to carry cricket in Sri Lanka forward. Their role in our WT20 2014 triumph, though underated by the humble duo of Sangakkara and Mahlea Jayawardane, is irreplacable and indespensable. When Dinesh Chandimal, the appointed captain was given a one match ban, had it not been for the prowess of Sangakkara and Mahela and the humilty of Malinga, Sri Lanka would not have qualified for the semi finals.

Moreover any cricket fan would know that Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardane have the best plans for the future of Sri Lanka cricket. They sport a good cricket brain and their tactigal ingenuity have helped Sri Lanka circumvent a lot of troubles in the past.

Very often they know what is best for sri Lanka Cricket. Mahela has  a very good eyes in spotting young talent, which our past selectors never possesed. Mahela has introduced a lot of young talents into cricket. One such example is the mystery spinner Akila Dananjaya who played for Sri Lanka in WT20 2012. It was Mahela who accurately calculated the right time to quit captaincy, giving him enough time to groom  a young leader. When Angelo Mathews was made the captain, Mahela’s calculated, very well deliberated deed meant that the transition was smooth and Sri Lanka Cricket didn’t have to sacrifice anything in the process. When Sri Lanka cricket was at a crisis after Dilshan’s resignation from the helm, it was Mahela who came to the rescue.

Sangakkara has been the ambassador of Sri Lanka Cricket for many years. He is the inspiration for many Sri Lankan youths. Gentlemen from world over regard him highly, while the administartors of the game in Sri Lanka relegate him to the mere position of a Scape Goat. Isn’t it ignominious that we treat a World Hero with disdain while the whole world celebrate him? Whither Sri Lanka Cricket your honesty, just,nobility,integrity and accountability?

The heroes have just arrived after once again casting Sri Lanka on the world map while Sri Lanka Cricket was slowly descending into limbo. Sri Lanka Cricket do you think you can succeed in censuring them for no fault of theirs? Do you expect the fans to be quiet, who thronged the Galle face green to welcome our heroes? Even after seeing the fans who gathered en masse at Galle Face, do you think that they will silently onlook some corrupted mongrels insidiously tarnishing the image of the heroes who are venerate dnext to god in Sri Lanka?

We all know who Nishantha Ranatunga is and the many number of conspiracies and corruptions he has been a part of. We fully understand where the actual fault lies with regard to the blemish for which Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardane are blamed for.

Mr. Nishantha Ranatunga, please be kind enough to note that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country and the citizens of Sri Lanka firmly believe in Karma. You are a pathogen who in the process of feeding on the host would eventually kill the host, ultimately killing yourself. You should understand that a mistake cannot be undone by another mistake. You can’t hide your mistakes behind by thrusting the great duo infront as Scape Goats, accused of Speaking the truth.

Sri Lanka Cricket please note the fact the fans have been pushed to the brink of their patience after the way you treated two personalities whom any Cricketing Nation would trade for a sum of money that Sri Lanka Cricket would produce in a year.

Sri Lanka Cricket you are scripting your own demise.

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