How to download all photos from a facebook album at once

Well, downloading photos from a facebook from an album is as easy as right clicking and pressing on “save image as”, isn’t it? But what if you have tons of photos to download from a single album? You would not want the clicker of your mouse to grind away, would you? Not to forget the aching index finger ;-).

But that there is an easy way by which you can download all the photos in a facebook album at once. This method can also be used for any websites that has thumbnailed images in it.

  • Go to this link and download “Bulk Image Downloader”:
  • Install the software
  • Now you need to install the extension corresponding to your browser
    • Chrome:
    • Firefox:
    • Note: The extension can help you download images right from your browser. If you chose not to use an extension, still you can copy the link of the page with images and paste it into Bulk Image Downloader
  • No go to the Facebook album from which you want to download photos.
  • Right click and hover over Bulk Image Downloader and click “Open Current Page with BID”.bulkimage
  • Now the software will launch and you will see the photos in the album in the software.a href=””>bulkimage1
  • If photos that are not in the album are displayed then press on “Thumbnail Images Only Button”a href=””>thumbnailimage
  • In “Download to folder” set the folder to which you want the downloaded images go.a href=””>downloadfodler
  • Now press on the Download button and Voila! You should find all the photos in the folder you chose!a href=””>downloadbutton

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