Testing times in Tests in England- A look at all Tests Lanka played in England

Sri Lanka Tour of England 1984

Sri Lanka’s first test in England was played at the Lord’s Cricket Ground from the 23rd of August to the 28th of August. It was just a one off test match series and Sri Lanka showcased why the granting of test status to them was irrationally delayed.  Sidath Wettimuny played the longest test innings ever in a test match at Lord’s. The record still stands today. He scored 190 from 471 balls, occupying the crease for a record 642 minutes. The match was drawn and Sri Lanka was at the driver’s seat through out the match. The match ended in a draw.

Toss: England

1st Innings: Sri Lanka: 491 | S Wettimuny: 190, LRD Mendis: 111| PI Pocock: 2/75, JP Agnew: 2/123

2nd Innings: England: 370 | AJ Lamb: 107, BC Broad: 86 | VB Jhon: 4/98, ALF de Mel: 4/110

3rd Innings: Sri Lanka: 294/7 | SAR Silva: 102*, LRD Mendis: 94 | IT Botham: 6/90

Result: Drawn

MOM: S Wettimuny


Sid Wettimuny on his way to 190 against England

Sri Lanka Tour of England 1988

The Second test tour to England was also a one off encounter, this time producing less affirmative results. The match was played from the 25th of August to the 30th of August at Lord’s

Toss: England

1st Innings: Sri Lanka: 194 | JR Rathnayake: 59*, DSBP Kuruppu: 46|NA Foster: 3/51, PJ Newport: 3/77

2nd Innings: England: 429 | RC Russell: 94, GA Gooch: 75| GF Labrooy: 4/119, CPH Ramanayake: 2/86

3rd Innings: Sri Lanka: 331 | A Ranatunga: 78, MAR Samarasekera: 57| PJ Newport: 4/87, DV Lawrence: 2/74

4th Innings: England: 100/3 | GA Gooch: 36, RT Robinson: 34* | MAR Samarasekera: 2/38, A Ranatunga: 1/14

Result: England won by 7 wickets

MOM: PJ Newport (England) and JR Ratnayeke (Sri Lanka)


Sri Lanka Tour of England 1991

Yet another one off match series; yet another match in August; yet another at Lord’s; yet another defeat for Sri Lanka

This match was played from the 22nd of August to the 27th of August.

Toss: England

1st Innings: England: 282 | AJ Stewart: 113*, H Morris: 42 | RJ Ratnayake: 5/69, SD Arunsiri: 2/45

2nd Innings: Sri Lanka: 224 | UC Hathurusingha: 66, RJ Rathnayake: 52 | PAJ DeFreitas: 7/70, DV Lawrence: 2/61

3rd Innings: England: 364/3 | GA Gooch: 174, RA Smith 63* | SD Arunasiri 3/135

4th Innings: Sri Lanka: 285 | ST Jayasuriya 66, CPH Ramanayake: 34* | PCR Tufnel: 5/94, CC Lewis 2/31

Result: England won by 137 runs

MOM: RJ Ratnayake (Sri Lanka) and AJ Stewart (England)


Sri Lanka Tour of England 1998

This was the tour of many firsts for Sri Lanka. The only similarities to the previous tour matches were that, the series was a one off match and the match was played in August. Sri Lanka won the toss for the first time in England, Sri Lanka played in The Oval stadium for the first time,  a Sri Lankan scored a double ton for the first time in England, Sri Lanka scored its first 500 plus score in England, and most importantly Sri Lanka won a Test in England for the first time!

Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bowl first, a much criticised decision at that time. Murali let the English batting line up on a spin both in  their first and second innings. Sanath jayasuriya blistered his way to 213 runs, with a handy support from MAD MAX Aravinda de Silva, who scored 152.

The match was played from the 27th of August to the 31st of August.

Toss:Sri Lanka

1st Innings: England: 445 | JP Crawley 156*, GA Hick: 107 | M Muralitharan: 7/155, GP Wickramasinghe 2/81

2nd Innings: Sri Lanka: 591| ST Jayasuriya: 213, PA de Silva: 152 | ARC Fraser: 3/95, D Gough 2/102

3rd Innings: England: 181 | MR Ramprakash:42, Extras:30 | M Muralitharan: 9/65

4th Innings: Sri Lanka: 37/0 | ST Jayasuriya 24*, MS Atapattu: 9*

Result: Sri Lanka won by 10 wickets

MOM:  M Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)


Sanath Jayasuirya cutsSanath Jayasuriya heads back after scoring a double hundred

Muttiah Muralitharan took 16 wickets to bowl Sri Lanka to a ten-wicket win

Sri Lanka Tour of England 2002

Sri Lanka’s first test win in England meant that Sri Lanka was promoted to play 3 match test Series in England. But the fairy tale win in 1998 did not continue inn to this tour as Sri Lanka lost the series 2-0 during the early summer in England.

1st Test Match

Venue: Lord’s Cricket Stadium

Toss:Sri Lanka

1st Innings: Sri Lanka: 555/8d | MS Atapattu: 185, DPMD Jayawardane: 107 | DG Cork: 3/93, A Flintoff: 2/101

2nd Innings: England: 275 | MP Vaughan: 64, N Hussain: 57 | PDRL Perera: 3/48, TCB Fernando: 3/83

3rd Innings: England: 529/5 (f/o)| MP Vaughan: 115, MA Butcher: 105 | PDRL Perera: 2/90, PA de Silva 1/63

4th Innings: Sri Lanka: 42/1 | DPMD Jayawardane: 14*, MS Atapattu 7 | AR Caddick 1/10

Result: Drawn

MOM:  MS Atapattu (Sri Lanka)


2nd Match

Venue: Edgbaston, Birmingham


1st Innings: Sri Lanka: 162 | DPMD Jayawardane: 47, WPUJC Vaas: 23 | AR Caddick: 3/47, A Flintoff: 2/27

2nd Innings: England: 545 | ME Trescothick: 161, GP Thorpe: 123| M Muralitharan: 5/143, DNT Zoysa: 3/93

3rd Innings: Sri Lanka: 272 | DPMD Jayawardane: 59, MS Atapattu: 56 | MJ Hoggard: 5/92, AR Caddick: 3/67

Result: England won by an innings and 111 runs

MOM:   MJ Hoggard (England)


3rd Match

Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester


1st Innings: England: 512 | AJ Stewart: 123, MA Butcher: 123 | M Muralitharan: 3/137, CRD Fernando: 3/154

2nd Innings: Sri Lanka 253 | RP Arnold: 62, KC Sangakkara: 40 | AJ Tudor: 4/65, MJ Hoggard: 3/38

3rd Innings: Sri Lanka: 308 (f/o) | RP Arnold: 109, PA de Silva: 40 | AF Giles: 4/62, AJ Tudor 3/44

4th Innings: England: 50/0 | ME Trescothick: 23*, MP Vaughan: 24*

Result: England won by 10 wickets

MOM:   AJ Tudor (England)

a href=”http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/match/63992.html” target=”_blank”>Scorecard

Series: England (2-0)

MOS: MA Butcher (England) and DPMD Jayawardene (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka Tour of England in 2006

Once again Sri Lanka toured England during the Spring, but this time they managed to attain a better result by squaring the series 1-1/ Once again it was the same willy old fox Muralitharan who spun the English batting line up to help Sri Lanka draw the series.

1st Test Match

Venue: Lord’s, London


1st Innings: England: 551/6 | KP Pietersen: 158, ME Trescothick: 106 | M Muralitharan: 3/158, WPUJC Vaas: 2/124

2nd Innings: Sri Lanka 192 | DPMD Jayawardane: 61, WPUJC Vaas: 31 | MJ Hoggard: 4/27, SI Mahmood: 3/50

3rd Innings: Sri Lanka: 537/9(f/o) | DPMD Jayawardane: 119, TM Dilshan 69 | MS Panesar: 2/49, MJ Hoggard: 2/110

Result: Drawn

MOM: DPMD Jayawardene (Sri Lanka)

a href=”http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/match/225264.html” target=”_blank”>Scorecard

2nd Test Match

Venue: Edgbaston, Birmingham

Toss: Sri Lanka

1st Innings: Sri Lanka: 141 | WPUJC Vaas: 30*, TM Dilshan: 27 | LE Plunkett: 3/43, SI Mahmood 2/25

2nd Innings: England 295 | KP Pietersen 142, Extras 38 | M Muralitharan: 6/86, SL Malinga 2/68

3rd Innings: Sri Lanka: 231 | MG Vandort: 105, TM Dilshan 59 |LE Plunkett: 3/27,  MJ Hoggard: 3/64

4th Innings: England: 81/4 | AN Cook: 34*, AJ Strauss: 16 | M Muralitharan 4/29

Result: England won by 6 wickets

MOM:    KP Pietersen (England)

a href=”http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/match/225265.html” target=”_blank”>Scorecard

3rd Test Match

Venue: Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Toss: Sri Lanka

1st Innings: Sri Lanka: 231| WPUJC Vaas: 38*, KC Sangakkara: 36 | A Flintoff: 3/52, J Lewis: 3/68

2nd Innings: England 229| PD Collingwood: 48, KP Pietersen 41| M Muralitharan: 3/62, ST Jayasuriya: 2/19

3rd Innings: Sri Lanka: 322 | KC Sangakkara: 66, CK Kapugedera: 50 |MS Panesar: 5/78, LE Plunkett: 2/65

4th Innings: England: 195|  AJ Strauss: 55, ME Trescothick 31 | M Muralitharan 8/70, ST Jayasuriya 1/54

Result: Sri Lanka won by 134 runs

MOM: M Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)

a href=”http://www.espncricinfo.com/engvsl/engine/match/225266.html” target=”_blank”>Scorecard

Series: Drawn (1-1)

MOS: M Muralitharan (Sri Lanka) and KP Pietersen (England)

Sri Lanka Tour of England in 2011

Sri Lanka’s last tour to England came in 2011 on the eve of one of the worst crisis that hit Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkar quit from captaincy after the 2011 World Cup and the Selection Committee resigned to immediate effect. TM Dilshan lead Sri Lanka, in the absence of Lasith Malinga, after he announced his retirement from tests abruptly after being forced bu the selectors to play test cricket. Sri Lanka from a position of safety collapsed in the last session to 82 handing England an unexpected victory. But the resilient nature of Sri Lankan Cricketers meant that Sri Lanka came back to draw the rest of the matches. The series though, went into England’s hands.

1st Test Match

Venue: Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

Toss: Sri Lanka

1st Innings: Sri Lanka: 400 | HAPW Jayawardane: 112, NT Paranavitana: 66 | JM Anderson: 3/66, GP Swann: 3/78

2nd Innings: England 496| IJL Trott: 203, AN Cook: 133 |TM Dilshan: 1/60,  BAW Mendis: 1/66

3rd Innings: Sri Lanka: 82 | NTLC Perera: 20, DPMD Jayawardane: 15 |GP Swann: 4/16, CT Tremlett: 4/40

Result: England won by an innings and 14 runs

MOM: IJL Trott (England)

a href=”http://www.espncricinfo.com/england-v-sri-lanka-2011/engine/match/474463.html” target=”_blank”>Scorecard

2nd Test Match

Venue: Lord’s, London

Toss: Sri Lanka

1st Innings: England: 486 | MJ Prior: 126, AN Cook: 96 | UWMBCA Welegedara 4/122, RAS Lakmal: 3/126

2nd Innings: Sri Lanka 479 | TM Dilshan 193, NT Paranavitana: 65 | ST Finn: 4/108, GP Swann: 3/101

3rd Innings: England: 335/7d | AN Cook: 106, KP Pietersen: 72 | HMRKB Herath: 3/87, CRD Fernando: 2/92

4th Innings: Sri Lanka: 127/3 | NT Paranavitana: 44, DPMD Jayawardane: 25 | IJL Trott: 1/5, SCJ Broad: 1/29

Result: Drawn

MOM: TM Dilshan (Sri Lanka)

a href=”http://www.espncricinfo.com/england-v-sri-lanka-2011/engine/match/474464.html” target=”_blank”>Scorecard

3rd Test Match

Venue: The Rose Bowl, Southampton

Toss: England

1st Innings: Sri Lanka: 184 | HAPW Jayawardane: 43, CRD Fernando: 39 | CT Tremlett: 6/48, JM Anderson: 2/56

2nd Innings: England: 377 | IR Bell: 119*, KP Pietersen: 85 | RAS Lakmal: 3/99, UWMBCA Welegedera: 2/90

3rd Innings: Sri Lanka: 334/5 | KC Sangakkara: 119, TT Samaraweera: 87* | JM Anderson: 2/81, SCJ Broad: 1/51

Result: Drawn

MOM :CT Tremlett (England)

a href=”http://www.espncricinfo.com/england-v-sri-lanka-2011/engine/match/474465.html”>Scorecard

Series: England (1-0)

MOS:  HAPW Jayawardene (Sri Lanka) and CT Tremlett (England)



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