Top 10 quotes from Chinaman – The legend of Pradeep Mathew

Chinaman – the legend of Pradeep Mathew is a Sri Lankan English fiction written by Shehan Karunatilaka, which won several awards including the Commonwealth Book Prize in 2012 and Graetiaen award in 2008. It is about an alcoholic journalist’s pursuit after Pradeep Mathew, a Sri Lankan spinner who vanished all of a sudden.

The book is replete with cricket trivias, snappy one liners and quotes that can both amuse and inspire. In short, it is a must read for any cricket fan.

#1 Long Sri Lankan names

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#2 Declaring an innings

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#3 Power of sports

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#4 Value of a left-arm spinner

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#5 Life v sports

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#6 Duckworth-Lewis method

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#7 Spot fixing: Doesn’t cost much but earns a lot

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#8 Baseball and Cricket

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#9 England in 1987 World Cup

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#10 Willow music

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